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The Leningrad Siege

Two Sisters and A Piano

Ay, Carmela!

In Development

Ay, Carmela


An elegy of a civil war in two acts and an epilogue by
José Sanchis Sinisterra

Translated by Nilo Cruz and Catalina Botello

Directed by Gerry Mulgrew
Designed by Juan Sanz Ballesteros
and Miguel Ángel Coso Marín
Lighting by Jeanine Davies
Choreography by Maribel La Manchega

Paulino: What's the world coming to!
Carmela: Well, you can't really call it the world...

A startling Spanish classic set in 1938, amidst the fury of the Spanish Civil War. Cabaret artistes Carmela and Paulino are preparing for another show in the stark auditorium of the Goya Theatre.

Tonight this haunted duo must perform their vaudeville routine for an audience of Franco's troops and their International Brigade prisoners. Tomorrow one half of their audience will be murdered.

Yet this deadly and extraordinary show must go on...

"...bold, hilarious and poignant...an exceptional take on this classic play"

"...one of the five best productions nationwide..."

"Had everything - passion, humour, pathos and deliciously tacky cabaret routines...Extraordinary stuff"